Pura Vita Wellness

The healing & teaching
practice of Ivo Grossi &
Cosetta Romani

Do you want to walk on a path of authenticity, integrity and self-mastery to manifest your soul purpose?

We share experiential knowledge, wisdom and tools with people willing to work on their own awakening and blaze their own trail. Our medicine integrates the spiritual and the material, since when we experience union with our inner source, we realize that the material is not in conflict with the spiritual, but central to its fulfillment.

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Restorative Journeys

A two-hour workshop that weaves together restorative yoga, gentle breathwork and shamanic journeys.

The Vine in My Soul: Medicine Poems

Breath Medicine Ceremony®

A powerful shamanic ceremony

Della Luna

Women Circle for Empowerment,
Wisdom & Beauty

Living the Spiral

Shamanism, Yoga & Art Women’s Retreat
At Aldermarsh On Whidbey Island
October 20-22, 2023

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