A trauma-informed,
psychotherapeutic approach created by
Dr. Gabor Maté

The session starts with Compassionate Inquiry, a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté, to help you discover the unconscious programming that runs your life, straight to the core of your stories, beliefs and addictive patterns.

Based on what arises in the present moment, the session will continue with breath work, sacred plant medicine songs (icaros), sound healing, energy clearing, soul retrieval, soul parts integration, chakras alignment, hands on healing, yoga and meditation.

This healing modality is only available in person. Requirement for first time appointment is 2 hours. Following sessions can be 90 minutes. Use form on this page. If you have financial constraints but need this work, inquire with us.

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    Working with Cosetta has been absolutely transformative. She has helped me to heal, clear energetic blocks and understand what my energetic body is communicating and how to tap deeper into my intuition. She has guided me to allow healing energy to flow and helped me to trust that I am my own healer. I was dealing with an autoimmune disease called Graves' and my doctors wanted to remove my thyroid and with the clearing and trauma focused work that I did with Cosetta, I have been able to avoid surgery and I am now in remission. It has been extremely powerful work for my physical and emotional health. Every session and conversation with Cosetta has helped me to journey into new layers of healing and I am extremely grateful for all that I have learned from our time together.

    Megan Gellert

    I have been working one on one with Cosetta for about a year now. The first thing I noticed was how much work we got done in one session. It felt like years’ worth of progress, especially since I had been seeing a therapist for a year and made very little headway with my issues. Each session has been unique and extremely beneficial. She always has an amazing presence that helps comfort me when the intense work releases emotional trauma. My healing has accelerated rapidly since I started working with her. I highly recommend working with Cosetta.

    Natalie Gough

    My healing session with Cosetta was very special. From the first session, that lead us to identify the work that needed to be done, I felt right away some opening and shifts. Then the second session was very impactful and so the integration work that followed. Throughout the process she was uniquely committed in a way that I’ve rarely seen. She was clearly invested in my personal journey and dedicated the time and energy needed to maximize the benefits of the healing session. As for the healing session, I’ve seen physical and emotional benefits that was very much needed to support my personal journey. I came to Cosetta with a blockage around my ovaries that she was successfully able to clear (confirmed through HSG). Additionally, I’ve learned much from her that I’ll incorporate into my life and carry on indefinitely. She is a warm and beautiful person. Very grateful for the experience.

    Cassidy R.

    I recommend Cosetta Romani without reservation. I have been working with Cosetta consistently for the last 7 months, but I have known her for many years. My interest first began with the Breath Medicine Ceremonies, but more recently I sought her guidance for a comprehensive program of healing. Her abilities range from hands on energy and somatic work to breathing and meditation practice as well as yoga instructions. She is a compassionate, intuitive and attentive practitioner with a deep connection to the work and understanding of each individual's needs. She has a vast knowledge of varied wisdom traditions and tools to refer to and for this reason I feel very comfortable with her and grateful to be working with her.

    Violet Borghesi

    I started seeing Cosetta for private healing sessions several years ago after experiencing one of her women’s retreats. Every single session I’ve had with Cosetta has been transformative and so very healing. Each session has allowed me to understand myself deeper and has always led to clarity of vision and the courage to make needed shifts in my life for the better. I’ve dealt with chronic illness for the majority of my life, and through these sessions I’ve understood the interplay between my physical and energetic body and have been able to unlock so much healing potential. Before working with Cosetta I felt like I had “tried it all.” These sessions have been able to shift my energetic and physical health in so many ways I didn’t even think possible. Cosetta has been an integral part of my care team and is such a gifted and compassionate healer.

    Christina TidwellRN + Functional Nutrition Coach

    I’ve been working with Cosetta for just over two years. I attended her healing restorative yoga classes and knew immediately she was an amazing teacher/healer beyond a mat practice. Eventually, I was open and ready to dig deeper into some healing work that needed to be done and I scheduled a private session with her. It was her presence, compassion, gentleness and experience that made me feel very safe and held. This enabled me to witness and hold my pain that I had pushed or numbed away. Each time I’m around her, I learn more about myself and she’s provided with tools every step of the way. I recommend her work to anyone seeking to connect more deeply with their true Self, beyond the traits of personalities. Working with Cosetta has truly been life changing for me.

    Colleen Coleman

    When I first met Cosetta via a yoga retreat I found online, we joked that “oracle Google” had brought us together. During my first retreat with her, I was at a transitionary period in my life, new to Seattle and uncertain of what life in Seattle meant for me. After the retreat, I continued to work with private sessions, and I cannot think of any other investment in myself that is more important. To me, Cosetta has been a Mentor, a Teacher, a Healer, a Friend, and a Mirror. She is constantly challenging me to look inside myself, with her often acting as mirror, to understand why I make certain choices for myself - and not all of them are positive. Together we have navigated a very painful romantic relationship of mine and addressed a number of old hurts and childhood trauma that this relationship had made come to the surface. Today I am aware of how my unconscious behaviors and old beliefs kept me stuck. Today I look forward to becoming true to myself and creating a life I love.

    Cindy Wood