Healing & Coaching

The more unconsciously we live our life, the longer we hold on to unprocessed events, the greater grows our suffering. Connect with the core truth of who you really are and move forward into your life.

Shamanic Healing

An alchemy of deep healing modalities to treat body, mind, heart and soul. The session starts with Compassionate Inquiry, a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté, to help you discover the unconscious programming that runs your life, straight to the core of your stories, beliefs and addictive patterns.

Based on what arises in the present moment, the treatment will continue with breath work, sacred plant medicine songs (icaros), sound healing, energy clearing, soul retrieval, soul parts integration, chakras alignment, hands on healing, yoga and meditation.

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    Shamanic Mentoring

    Integration is an important part of the healing process. There is no true healing without integration. In order to help our brain rewire with new ways of thinking and new behavioral patterns, we need to learn and develop new tools and practices. Together we will explore:

    • Clearing and protecting yourself and the space you live in
    • Understanding boundaries and energy management
    • The symbolic language of plants, power animals, elementals spirit allies
    • Numerology and the Major Arcana archetypes
    • Finding answers, information, healing, knowledge, guidance or help through shamanic journeys
    • Meditation

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