Connect with the core truth
of who you really are and lead from a place of being

The more time we spend in our minds, the longer we hold on to unprocessed events, the more we dampen our lifeforce.

Connect with the core truth of who you really are and become a highly manifested force in your work, in your life and in your relationships.

This coaching approach integrates listening, inquiring, and advising with mindfulness, breath-work and energy management practices. It provides effective tools to help clients find their full presence from where they can lead and live with clarity and purpose. All the while becoming more effective and reducing burnout.

This coaching modality is available both in person and online. Use the form on this page to inquire with us.

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    I’ve attended many leadership seminars, met many coaches, and Ivo is by far the best. Ivo is a deeply empathetic and transformational advisor. Unlike many, he will spend the time to understand what you want and need without judgment. His compassion creates a safe space to build an ambitious personal vision. If you want change, having Ivo by your side is a must.

    Thomas ParkVenture Capital Leader

    Working with Ivo over the past few years in one on one sessions has been such a cultivating experience, helping me with insightful feedback on decisions I’m about to make. He does an excellent job opening each session with calming and centering exercises, afterwhich he actively listens and shares his reflections. I would highly recommend sessions with Ivo if you are truly ready to do your own work to grow and just need an experienced guide to help you calibrate your inner compass.

    Horus Alkebu-LanComputer Scientist

    Ivo Grossi is a man of his word, is compassionate, and works with pure integrity. I consider Ivo a teacher, a mentor, and an exemplary role model as he speaks literally and shows up 100% authentically. I have been working with Ivo in group settings and privately for the past 5+ years and have sought guidance for both professional and personal matters. Ivo offers practical advice on how to merge personal practices into professional and daily life as there is no separation between the two. What I have gained from my sessions with Ivo is understanding the power of perceptions and that we all have innate wisdom that is accessible if we do our work. Ivo has taught me how to walk and act with practicality while maintaining a spiritual path in order to be of service to myself so I can be of service to others.

    Jennifer OlsonLife Coach, Mentor and Yoga Teacher

    Ivo’s deep intuition and gentle strength is remarkable. He quickly helped me find my path with a few simple tools. After only a few sessions, his guidance helped me access greater personal power, sensitivity, clarity of purpose and joy of life. He delivers incredible value and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him for anyone who is seeking to elevate their life experience and actualize their potential.

    Shelby RognstadMayor, City of Sandpoint

    As an entrepreneur and owner of a multimillion-dollar company, I have always sought out mentors to expedite my visions and manifest my dreams. My mentors were always people from two different sectors in life- a business coach for professional goals, and a different mental health counselor for spiritual and personal guidance. All of this changed when I met Ivo Grossi 6 years ago because his mission in life is to teach people how to show up authentically by fully integrating their values in all aspects of life. He teaches you to pursue a journey of personal mastery through mind, body and emotional response so that you can be a conscious leader and lead by example.

    Claire NolanFounder of Alki Tours Inc

    I am so grateful for my work with Ivo! Times and times again his coaching and guidance have led me to new levels of insights that have brought me closer to myself and to a deep sense of purpose and integrity. A very important part of why I wanted to work with him was that he weaves his business leadership experience and personal development teachings together in a real and down to earth way. As a business executive, I had been working on a deep personal recovery from childhood trauma and had been using therapy and other tools for 10 years already, but I felt I lacked a sense of connection and direction when I met Ivo. It did not take long for Ivo to intuitively guide me towards an emergent sense of Self that has now deeply informed both my personal and professional life. I continually experience first-hand how his understanding of Yoga, Meditation and Shamanism come together as a genuine and transformative practice. Ivo is a true luminary in all of these practices and my work with him has changed me for the better.

    Vincent BriereCIO Advisory & IT Executive