The Vine in My Soul: Medicine Poems


The Vine in My Soul is a delightful collection of poetry where the shaman flows through the words of the author, inviting us to travel with her through the Amazonian jungle and to the temple sanctuary inside our own psyche and body, where healing takes place. These poems don’t tell you how to heal; they invite you to a healing state.

They may be a gentle entry in your preparation for a psychedelic journey, a compassionate support during your integration, or a simple remembrance. They are signposts that uplift, encourage, impart epiphanies and, ultimately, support our conscious growth and change the world into a better place.
The author eloquently captures the fears we have as we embark upon the arduous path of Self-discovery, befriend our long-exiled parts and bring them back home. Every poem is a soul retrieval, an initiation we must embrace if we want to free ourselves from the past that is still hunting us and begin living authentically.

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