Shamanic Integration

There is no true healing without it.

Integration is an important part of the healing process. In order to help our brain rewire with new ways of thinking and new behavioral patterns, we need to learn and develop new tools and practices. Together we will explore:

  • Sacred ambience: clear, protect and beautify the space you live in
  • Self-care: understanding boundaries and energy management
  • The power of Intention: working with altars and prayers
  • The symbolic language of plants, power animals, elementals spirits
  • Numerology and the Major Arcana archetypes
  • Finding guidance and help through shamanic journeys
  • Breathwork, yoga and meditation

Available both in person and online. Use form on this page. If you have financial constraints but need this work, inquire with us.

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    A friend of mine recommended Cosetta to me as I had been looking for a Shamanic teacher who Indigenous practices such as soul retrieval and house blessing. The first time I met Cosetta, I was so impressed by her warmth and candor. I have learned a lot of new and wonderful rituals and practices about self-care and the process has been empowering. I have become more appreciative and grateful for everything I am and have. Through these heart-full practices I can connect to my higher Self and see beyond the limitations of my ego. Also, her restorative yoga classes are very therapeutic! Cosetta is a gifted healer and teacher. She is very disciplined and determined to help her students grow and discover the love and light within themselves. She always honors her teachers and the linages she has been learning from. Cosetta speaks the truth and shares her insights to best serve the highest good of her students. Thank you Cosetta for sharing your gifts and helping me connect to new ways of thinking, feeling and seeing things from a different perspective.

    Lisa Baqai

    Cosetta has generously share her wisdom with grace, honesty, humility and humor. The transparency in which she lives and does her own daily deep work creates infinite opportunities for self-reflection and connection. She invites you to come home to yourself, your body, your heart, your truth, your purpose.
    In both private sessions and group retreats Cosetta listens deeply and engages her vast palette of tools from the yogic philosophy, traditional Shipibo medicine, breath science, somatic experiences, Gaia wisdom, song and play. Her presence and care always create a safe place for me to dive deeper into my own layers than I could ever imagine. In the few years that I have studied with her I have been able to clear old patterns that have kept me small, quiet and lacking in self-confidence. I’m finding my voice in new ways, following my heart on a daily basis and expressing my Divine Feminine more authentically and fully. Not only have I grown as a woman, my partnership with my Beloved as flourished as well. These sessions have been profoundly revealing, peeling away layers that were keeping us from connecting more deeply. The transparency in which she lives and does her own daily deep work creates infinite opportunities for self-reflection and connection. She invites you to come home to yourself, your heart, your truth, your purpose. Thank you, with love.

    Dana Alkebu-LanEarth steward, healer and teacher

    I truly can't thank Cosetta enough for all that she has done for me. The healing outcomes I received from working privately with her are many. I was able to release much accumulated stress. Also, old memories from childhood that I had suppressed opened up in ways I did not except to. The following up sessions turned into a beautiful and organic form of mentoring. Honestly, I have always had an extremely hard time asking for help and I have never once felt that block after working with her. Thank you Cosetta for your energy, wisdom and ability to provide this expansive window into myself that now has only made me more curious and eager to explore what is possible within.

    Joshua Gellert

    I have had such a heartfelt experience of growth working with Cosetta over the past few years.
    What I love most about the way she works is how she truly listens to however I'm expressing myself physically, mentally or emotionally. Her way to observe, inquiry and give authentic feedback allows me to choose what resonates with me and practice that into my day to day living. Cosetta pays special attention to guide and teach in a way where I am always taking ownership for my own growth and feel empowered to do the work of being present in my relationships, inspired in my career, and cultivating love within myself. I'm so thankful for the work she does and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to gain a new perspective on life.

    Horus Alkebu-Lan, Computer Scientist

    Cosetta Romani has helped improve my quality of life. We worked on my body, mind, heart and soul. Her incredible knowledge of Yoga and Shamanism is only second to her compassion.

    Colin Baxter

    Cosetta Romani was my neighbor for 3+ years before I understood who she was. As we worked together, I had a profound sense of being with someone who was alive like I had never experienced before. This way of living has a timeless value I could not describe. She is so vibrant a life force that her light-filled energy naturally spilled over washing me with the realization of my own possibilities, gifts, abilities & blessings. She altered my life; I was not breathing and now I am. The physical discipline became a spiritual dimension of the daily practice opening me to further exploration of my mind, heart & body. Cosetta has the ability to see what you need even if you don’t. She lovingly encourages you to be open to changes necessary to help you embody the best you can be.

    Phyllis L. Haaland